New York YankeesYankee Stadium October 26, 1996
New York MetsSeptember 28, 2008 Tom Seaver pitches to Mike Piazza
St. Louis Cardinals 2011 World Series - Game 6 - Bottom of the Ninth
Boston Red Sox 2004 World SeriesGame 1 Boston Massachusetts
Game 3 Nationals Park™ October 25, 2019 Opening Ceremony
Phillies First Pitch at Citizen's Bank Park Philadelphia PA
Cleveland Indians Last Pitch at Municipal Stadium 1993
Minnesota Twins 2002 ALDS at The Metrodome
Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions
Boston Red Sox - 2018 World Series Opening Ceremony at Fenway Park facsimile signature edition
Milwaukee Brewers First Pitch at Miller Park
Cleveland Indians First Pitch at Jacob's Field 1994
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